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Club Photos:
Find more photos on the Sweetwater Rendezvous and Drifting Goose Rendezvous pages.

Various club shoots, 2008

August 2008 - Richard, John G, John T, Joe, Dan, Zach, Ralph and Mike made it to the August shoot. Several members enjoyed breakfast early, some archery and 'tinkerin' with rifles and pistols, then lunch with sweet corn and ring bologna. There was one $3.00 club shoot, a $1.00 fun shoot and a free fun shoot. Mike won the club shoot, shooting at coyote targets, with John T. second. The $1 fun shoot was won by John G. The free shoot was shooting at squirrel acorns (get your mind out of the gutter!) That shoot was close, with John G winning.

The group "talks shop" about Sweetwater Rendezvous and a September shoot. ** Look, ZACH showed up! **.

Joe and John T. get ready to shoot.

Some coyotes lived, some died, some went home pretty hurt.

Tools of the trade.

Joe shoots his smoothie off-hand while Zach HAS to use a rest with his rifled bore!

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July 2008 - Richard, John G, John T, Joe, Cole, Tyler, Ralph and Mike enjoyed July weather at the range. There was one club shoot and a $1.00 fun shoot. John G won the club shoot, with Mike and Joe tying for second. The $1 fun shoot involved 12 shots; 3 each at 5, 10, 15 and 20 yards

Beyond breakfast and lunch, there was even a little shade during the shoot.

See everyone rushing up to shoot the fun shoot!

Ralph disappears behind all the smoke from his flint smoothie!

Joe tests out his new flint smoothie. Too bad (or good?) that he can't see the target.

Those targets were really small from 15 and 20 yards!

John T and Richard take aim.

John G walks away from the line thinking, "Them's small targets!"

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May 2008 - Richard, John G, Ed,John T, Dan and Mike enjoyed a beautiful May day at the range. Ed had to leave early due to a field fire at home! No club shoots this month, just fun shoots.

Everyone enjoyed a little lunch before the shoot.

John G takes aim at a small 25yd target group.

John T shoots and wishes we would have chosen a different target!

Richard thought he had his rifle sighted in.

Those targets were really small from the 25yd line!

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April 2008 - Richard, John G, Joe, John T, Ralph, and Mike enjoyed the first clear weekend with no snow at the range. It started chilly, but by the time the remainder of clean-up activities were done, it was a beautiful (but windy) day. The "old men" showed the kids how to shoot this month, with John T and John G taking tops in the club shoot. The squirrel and buffalo were tested and proved to be a lot of fun!

Ralph preps his flinter for the club shoot.

Good thing it wasn't a tough day. The shooters seemed pretty willing to take it easy and enjoy the great April weather.

With the Buffalo hung, we decided to give it a few practice runs. It didn't take long to get the timing down and make him swing.

After a few design issues, the squirrel was hung on Saturday. Sunday, the club fun shoot became the testing ground. One guide line was snapped, but the squirrel held up. John T and Ralph won the fun shoot, with John T being the only person to hit the squirrel on the run in competition. Ralph hit the release gong shooting a borrowed, recently-acquired .45 caliber percussion rifle. Hey, Ralph, want a second gun to complement your flinter?

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March 2008 - Richard, John G, Joe, John T, Ed, Ralph, Dan and Mike enjoyed the first weekend with {almost} no snow at the range. It started chilly, but the hot shooting warmed up the day. The "shoot everyone else's target" shoot turned into more of a challenge than expected!

Ed and Richard step up to the line for the first shoot, 6 shots at 25 yards.

Joe ponders the recycling price for brass? That's not a period-correct load, Joe. Now we know why you're shooting so hot lately.

John brings his rifle in line.

Everyone loads up for the first shoot.

Somebody else brought a camera today. A rare photo of the photographer.

Richard takes aim.

Ralph hammers away with his smoothbore.

The first shoot was tough. Top score 58 out of 60 with 3 X's.

Range is open for the challenge shoot.

Ralph checks out the challenge shots. Each shooter took one shot on his target and 1 on each of the other's targets. A missed paper was an automatic 10 for the others, but a missed paper on your own was a zero. A 35 won!

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