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Club Photos:
Find more photos on the Sweetwater Rendezvous and Drifting Goose Rendezvous pages.

Various club shoots, 2007

December 2007 - December saw 5 brave individuals get to the range to enjoy a beautiful white frost and blue sky. Richard, John G, Joe, John T and Mike completed the aggregate.

There was a heavy coating of frost the night before the shoot.

This was the view that greeted everyone Sunday. What a great December day.

Everyone's loading up for the last shoot.

Joe watches John T take the last shot of the day.

Competition was tough on the last shoot of the day. Four points separated 1st through 4th.

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September shoots were at Sweetwater Rendezvous. See photos on the Sweetwater page!

July 2007 - July's shoot had 13 attendees. There are now 14 participants in the club aggregate competition. Ed shot off the cannon in memory of Donnie Bachman. It was a wonderful weekend.

Everyone enjoyed fantastic weather for the shoot.

New member Keith fires his smoothbore as Ed prepares to shoot the 25 yard club shoot.

Richard brought beans and other food was available while we shot.

They were lined up to shoot in July.

Nick looks for his shot at 25 yards.

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Sorry, no shoot in June...too busy Rendezvousin'!

May, 2007 - We've had between 4 and 10 people attend shoots so far this year. In May, we had 9, including a familiar guest from another club...mental note, don't let him bring his rifle anymore!

The last shoot of the day was 75 yards off-hand, 10 shots. Joe had an impressive grouping!

Gayland fires off another shot at 75 yards.

Joe, Leon and John perform the 75 yard eye test.

9 hearty men attended the May shoot/clean-up event.

Ralph and Pete take on the first shoot of the day, the 25 yard club shoot.

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