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Club Photos:
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Various club shoots, 2009

August 2009 - We were blessed with incredible weather for the August shoot, after an overnight series of storms blew through. The day started with breakfast and assembling some new archery targets, followed by some thorough archery "testing". 10 adults and several kids later enjoyed the shoot after a great lunch with dishes brought by a number of people. The club shoot ($3.00) was 8 shots, one each at nasty little buffalo targets at 25 yards. Richard Underwood claimed first place, followed by Ralph Jescke and John Graves. The fun shoot ($1.00) was a large bulls-eye target at about 32 yards. Mike Thelen captured first, followed by Richard and John.

Everyone was intent on loading during the first shoot.

Some people shot, some people watched, some people just enjoyed the beautiful August weather.

John T flock-shoots at the little buffalo targets!

Bob tries out his recently purchased, late-1800s double-barrel percussion shotgun.

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July 2009 - There was no shoot in June since everyone is rendezvousing. However, we did get back to the range in July. Several club members decided to camp out Saturday night, so we turned Saturday into another site-prep day. The hooters got painted, grass got mowed, trees got trimmed, logs got moved, range got improved, archery got improved, wood got unloaded and half the clubhouse got another coat of paint. What a busy day! John G, John T, Mike, Johnathan, Joe, Caden, Jessicha, Zachary, Diane, Tyler and Bob were all helpful on Saturday. Sunday shoot was pretty good as well. Many played with archery and hawk, there was the $3.00 club shoot won by John T (John G second and Mike third) and the $1.00 shoot had a tie between Richard and Mike. There was one free fun shoot to wrap up the shooting. John T, John G, Joe, Caden, Mike, Johnathan, Ralph, Dane (and his son), Byron, Richard and Dan were all present on Sunday.

John T mows down the area near the hooters.

The new archery stand is now in place thanks to Joe, Mike and Tyler.

Everyone enjoyed cribbage and snacks, among other fun, after working Saturday.

Sunday brought out a number of shooters.

The dart boards showed a competitive shoot.

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May 2009 - We conducted a final site prep and shoot the weekend before Drifting Goose at the club range. So much time was spent cleaning, painting and other preparations, that we forgot who won the shoots. There was one $3.00 club shoot and a $1.00 fun shoot, as well as general messing around with archery and hawks.

The kids enjoyed the weekend.

Even Zach and Kyle showed up to shoot.

Tyler tried out his 'speedshooting' technique.

Everyone waits anxiously to see who won.

If only the smoke would clear so we could find out who won.

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April 2009 - After a LONG winter, we are FINALLY back into the Range. April shoot included a clean-up weekend. Richard, John G, John T, Bob, Tyler, Joe, Caden, Dan, Elton, Ralph and Mike made it to the shoot. Several members enjoyed breakfast early, some archery and 'tinkerin' with rifles and bows, and the addition of new targets, then lunch with Richard's beans and some brats. There was one $3.00 club shoot, two $1.00 fun shoots and a free bow shoot. John G won the club shoot, shooting at the 25-yard target range, with Richard second. The first $1 fun shoot found Mike and Joe tied for 1st after shooting Turkey targets on the primitive range. The second $1 fun shoot, shooting newly added gongs on the primitive range was won by Mike. The free bow shoot was close, with John G winning and Joe in second.

John works on the new target stands and targets (gongs for the primitive range).

We planted a number of evergreens on the south side to fill a gap.

After a long winter, there's finally NO SNOW at the range!

Everyone's getting ready for the shoot.

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