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Club clean-up weekend, April 19-20, 2008

We had 7 people make the clean-up weekend at the club range, including two who ventured from several hours away. The primitive range is set, camp areas are cleared, standard range is organized, outhouses are fixed up, and a new hawk block is up. The Running Buffalo and Squirrel are in place and working. We were able to borrow the neighbor's Bobcat to really move some downed brush. The site looks great and is ready for the new building.

The seven brave souls getting ready for a long day's work.

A local neighbor let us borrow his Bobcat. What a lifesaver. We moved a lot of brush in a short time.

The primitive range came together quickly. The club will now have a great silhouette/longhunter shooting area. The north line itself (pictured) will house the "Running Buffalo".

The south line of the primitive range will also house the "Scampering Squirrel".

We were able to cut a new hawk block, clean up the debris, and make the archery & hawk areas more presentable.

The east half of the range will be used for campsites during Drifting Goose. We were able to fill in some low areas for future use.

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