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Everyone enjoyed watching Zach make his pure beeswax candles.

Nick found his comfort zone in Archery.

The blacksmith's forge made a nice backdrop while Tyler and his guest appear to be deep into a challenge.

What a refreshing sight, so many kids at this year's rendezvous. A special thanks to the several mothers who took it upon themselves to run kids games and keep them occupied!

The Gary contingent tries to hide behind the trees.

Drifting Goose couldn't have had better weather the entire weekend.

The ladies conducted a round-robin on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday was such a gorgeous day.

Jerry - don't mess with the photographer when he's also the webmaster! :)

We were blessed with incredibly fantastic weather for the 2nd annual Drifting Goose Rendezvous. The event had 18 registered camps and 1 registered shooter. Thanks to an article in the Aberdeen American News, there were even some flatlanders who visited the site. The Squirrel Scamper and Running Buffalo kept shooters busy on the primitive range, while Skee-Ball and Spuds, round I and Spuds, round II kept them busy on the target range. There were LOTS of children this year, which was as entertaining as it was heartening. Several mothers did an incredible job keeping them spontaneously entertained. We enjoyed a blacksmith from Minnesota and a candlemaker from Aberdeen, giving us two traders to shop from. Too bad the candlemaker and his assistant lost all their profits at the late-night card games! Hope to see everyone and more back next year!

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