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John, Mark and Gene discuss strategy (Gene's grandson had it all figured out already!)

Badger and Gayland try their hand at the Running Buffalo.

Looking back east on the camp from the shooting range.

Johnathan shows both grandma and mommy his turtle bag.

Joe takes aim at the archery jug shoot. The winner got 6 primitive arrows from Frank Zahn.

Everyone enjoyed the archery, or was it the heckling?

Saturday night the worst of the storms ran around camp. We only saw a short series of showers.

Dacotah and Mark team up for the Squirrel Scamper.

The first annual Drifting Goose rendezvous had 13 camps. Frohlings Meats, Joe Carda, Arden Peterson, Frank Zahn, the Log Cabin Shop, Lodge Cast Iron and several others donated items. It was a great first year with very little ran, 3 days of sun, but more than enough wind.

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