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George & Alice Bartell, landowners/members;
Pete Mattson, Treasurer; John Graves, President; John Thelen, Secretary.
Absent: Jim Diestel, Vice President

George and Alice Bartell, club members and landowners

Frank's traditional arrow for Sweetwater

You can almost see 1825

A great way to start the day

An ending as great as the beginning

What a beautiful setting

Getting ready for the next shoot

Zack's shoot was a challenge

Time to reload

Camp Meeting

A great night for the closing meeting

Frank's deer roast, almost done

Many camps were there Thursday

First Lodge on site

A golden sunrise

Tipi ahead!

Gayland was shootin' tough

Squirrel wins again

Kevin cleaned up, but can he really cook?

The Dacotah Territory Muzzle Loaders

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